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1) ICT's 2014 Calendar-The Tibetans Calendar
2) ICT's 2013- Calendar Lhasa and Beyond Calendar
3) ICT's 2012 Calendar- Breaking the Silence Calendar
4) ICT's 2010 Calendar- Women in Tibet
5) 2009- TINTIN On the Roof of the World
6) Tibetan Medicine in Contemporary Tibet:
7) Delivery and Defiency: Health and Health Care in Tibet
8) Invisible Chains: Life After Release for Tibetan
9) Mining in Tibet: Mineral Exploration in
10) Relative Freedom? Tibetan Buddhism and Religious

1) Freedom Bracelet
2) Mini Garland Windhorse Eco-Paper Prayer Flags
3) Window Decal - The Symbolism of the Tibetan National Flag
4) Become a Friend of Tibet Brochure
5) ICT Greeting Card - Magic Deer of Lake Namtso
6) ICT Greeting Card - Man and Crystal Rock
7) ICT Greeting Card - Horizon with Sun, Water and Mountain
8) ICT Greeting Card - Many Leaves and Clear Vase
9) ICT Greeting Card - Two Dragons
10) ICT's 2010 Calendar- Women in Tibet